The extravagant Kindergarten Annual Day programme was held on the 27th of March 2019. The chief guest, leading paediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Colin John and the Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel were enthralled by 380 of our youngest Cottonians as they brought the school auditorium alive with their energetic dance moves, interesting costumes and colourful accessories.

India’s incredible linguistic diversity was showcased via vibrant dances in six different languages encapsulating the splendour and grandeur of our rich heritage.

‘The Grand Cottonian Circus Parade’ was an entertaining play that brought out the message – “Sharing is caring”. Exotic animals, petite ballerinas, agile acrobats and mischievous clowns had the enthralled audience swaying to their artistic moves. A truly fitting finale for yet another successful academic year here at Bishop Cottons!


The fruit salad day was held on 6th February 2019. Learning and having fun is what the Kindergarten curriculum encapsulates. As adults we know the benefit of eating fruit and the arduous task most parents face in convincing their children to eat fruit. Fruit Salad Day is party time for our little ones as luscious fruits and dollops of whipped cream are met with delighted giggles and sticky little fingers wiping the fruit salad bowl clean.

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Graduation day 2019

DSC3599_300x200“ Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

On 21st January, 2019, Bishop Cotton Boy’s School pledged to give the world over six hundred committed YOUNG men, who walked out of the portal of their second home knowing that they would forever reap the benefits of what they had learnt in their time at Cottons.

DSC3602_300x200The ceremony began with the students being led on to the massive stage by the School Captain, which was followed by the School song signifying that every Cottonian who left this great institution would swerve neither to the left nor to the right but would move On Straight On on their journey of life. As is tradition the auspicious ceremonial lamp was lit to ensure that the evenings ceremony had the Lord’s blessings.

The school captains spoke on behalf of the graduating batch . The Chief guest Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekhar requested the students to keep in mind that no dream is achieved without hardwork and that as Cottonians they had the responsibility of contributing back to their school in whatever way they could. Guest of Honour Dr.Aditya Sondhi, an old Cottonian himself shared a few anecdotes from his time at Cottons and how it was vital that the graduating batch led a life of high discipline as that is the greatest mark of a Cottonian.

DSC6126_1_300x200A number of teachers who had served the school loyally but had now chosen to part ways were honoured for their impeccable service to this great institution.

As is tradition, the mantle of responsibility was passed on from Periakaruppan Annamalai to the new School Captain Designate, Siddharth Soneja who was given the honour of ensuring that the school flag flew high for the next year. Awards were given out to the School Captain, the Head of Day Scholars and the Head of Boarders for their excellent service. Awards were also given out to students who had shown exceptional all round and leadership qualities. The highlight was Chirag Kripalani who won three awards.

The night ended with beautiful sight – over six hundred students standing with their lighted torches ready to step into the real world and light up any place they went.

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Thanksgiving Service 2019

The Thanksgiving Service was held for the staff and outgoing students on 19th January 2019 at the school auiditorium.

The solemn occasion was held as per tradition as a precursor to the Graduation Day. The service which focuses on thanking the almighty for the blessings of the past year was conducted by Rev Vincent Vinod Kumar. The . Rt. Rev. Bishop P K Samuel addressed the students and blessed the students.

The outgoing staff participated in the lighting of the lamp to marble the beginning of the service.

The staff and students shared tea bringing to close an afternoon of spiritual and reflective thoughts.

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Celebrating Christmas at Cottons 2018

_DSC0178A bust of the founder of our school Rev. S T Pettigrew was unveiled situated at the entrance of the school. It is a tribute to the legacy of our founder.

A state of art synthetic multipurpose grass turf was dedicated on 16th December 2018 by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel .

To live charitably means not looking out for our own interests but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest amongst us’.

The value based legacy of Cottons was further reiterated by a tremendous undertaking of the school. Staff and students visited 100 old age homes, orphanages and other NGOs to interact and spread Christmas cheer to the inmates. It was a lesson in reality and an opportunity to empathise with the less fortunate during the festive season.

DSC3442_300x200 On 16th of December, the students of Junior school presented a musical “The Secret of Christmas”, directed and choreographed by Mrs. Joann Kenneth . Through the brilliant acting, beautiful singing and excellent choreography, the young ones reminded the audience about the true meaning of Christmas.

This was followed by a time of fellowship at the dinner for staff members and their families.  

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Kindergarten Sports Day 2018

Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports”.   Kapil Dev

The Kindergarten Sports Day is an exceptionally entertaining and colourful experience! The 31st Annual Kindergarten Sports Meet was held on the 8th of December and the prestigious First Eleven Field of the school was invaded by majestic penguins, soaring kites, exotic Hawaiian dancers, jolly Santas, buzzing bees and playful sea animals, to name a few of the participants of the inter class novelty races.

Sports, a great leveller, teaches our students the true spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, team spirit and grace in both, victory and defeat. Excising the body helps free the mind and with acute concentration , sweaty foreheads and eyes firmly glued to the finishing line, our littlest Cottonians gave it their all as they vied for a prize winning spot on the podium, proudly egged on by their enthusiastic grandparents, parents and siblings, their loud cheering reverberating through the historic school grounds.

The students of the Lower Kindergarten dressed up as the sport meet mascots, representing the festive Christmas season. Dignitaries and parents were welcomed by the boys of the Upper Kindergarten, dressed up as jolly little Santas, cheering the upcoming holiday season. Well-coordinated mass drills by the Lower Kindergarten saw the students paying tribute to tennis greats in their drill titled ‘Tennis Menace’ while the students of the Upper Kindergarten paid tribute to the greatest Formula 1 champion of all time, Michael Schumacher with their drill titled ‘The Cottonian Grand Prix’. Ten boys from the Upper Kindergarten brought the school track alive as they raced with each other in their battery operated, motorised, colourful toy cars.

Another enthralling and scintillating Sports Day was brought to an emotional end when the school flag was lowered in a poignant closing ceremony and the flag handed over to the school Sports Director, Mr. Anil Dutt for safe keeping till next year.

Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum.

Sports Day 2018

ANNUAL SPORTS MEET NOVEMBER 30 TH 2018 Cottons has historically placed importance on Sports at par with the importance it places on world- class academic education. The Athletic Meet is an annual feature in the Cottonian calendar and has a long standing in the history of Cottons. It is on this day you can see tireless hours of practice finally translating into prowess. The combined Junior, Middle, and ISC School Sports Day was held on the 30 th  November, 2018. The event commenced with the Chief Guests and dignitaries being escorted to the field. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Mr. Seemanth Kumar Singh IPS additional commissioner of police, an IPS Officer. The day had begun with a well-coordinated march past of all the five house platoons. The younger students had demonstrations of well-coordinated drills while the senior students had multiple races in different divisions to look out for. At the conclusion of the meet, all the houses once again marched off in the order of the points they had earned. It was the Pettigrew House who reigned supreme and took the crown of champions. The sports day exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship and reaffirmed Cottons commitment to sports and reminded everyone about its importance.

Heforshe 2018

“In order for gender equality to be achieved, harmful and destructive stereotypes of masculinity and behavioural expectations for boys and men have got to change”. Emma Watson HeforShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women, initiated by UNWomen. Its goal is to engage men and boys as agents of change, by encouraging them to take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls. Bishop Cotton Boys’ School continued in its support for the cause by hosting the HeforShe campaign in its third year. On the 23rd of November, students from Bishop Cotton Girls’ joined our boys in a special assembly, during which a solemn pledge was taken towards support of the cause. The assembly had as its chief guests Geetha Kulkarni, CID, who engaged the boys in a highly interactive speech. Also present was Mr. N.A Harris, MLA, Shantinagar constituency. On the 24 th of November, a cyclathon, marathon, walkathon saw huge crowds throng the streets of Bangalore to spread awareness about the campaign. Smt Gangambike Mallikarjun, Worshipful mayor, BBMP, Mr N.A Harris, Mr Sampath Raj, former Mayor continued in their support for the cause.

Rhythm and Rhyme Time

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato At Cottons, music is a vibrant and vital part of the curriculum. Musical training helps set up children for a better academic future. It helps children think better, coupling their intellectual and imaginative energies – urging them to remember, reimagine, reinvent and rejuvenate. The Kindergarten Annual Rhythm and Rhyme Time Programme is a very special event in the school calendar. The students of the Upper Kindergarten put on a magical show for their enthusiastic and excited grandparents, parents and siblings. Swashbuckling Pirates, Exotic Sea Animals, Vibrant Colours, Bountiful Nature, A Twinkling Fairyland, Profound Emotions, Scrumptious Goodies, Eternal Love and Enchanting Music were the different themes that the classes performed a song and recited a rhyme to. Colourful headbands, glittering wristbands, life size teddy bears, swaying balloons, shimmering confetti and dazzling lights transformed the school auditorium into a land of enchantment. The endearing smiles, music infused gait and rhythmic movement of the students was a testimony to their having a fun time while learning. Welcome to just another day of learning at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School!

Independence Day 2018

Independence Day, a gloriously proud day for all Indians is celebrated with great pomp and fervour in the Kindergarten every year. Patriotism was on grand display as the young students were explained the importance of the day, highlighting the sacrifices our selfless freedom fighters and visionary leaders made so that we enjoy this proud privilege today, after nearly 200 years of British rule. A special programme was organised for the Kindergarten students. The students of the Lower Kindergarten dressed as some of our great freedom fighters and charismatic leaders while the Kindergarten Choir, comprising of students of the Upper Kindergarten rendered two melodious patriotic songs, setting the mood for a fun filled patriotic morning. The celebrations were complete with each student being given the National flag, a tri colour wristband and a bag full of goodies.
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