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NXS Music Programme COTTONS’ NXS 2014





Passion, Love, Emotion few words synonymous with music the world over and it was these emotions which were experienced at COTTONS’ NXS  an annual inter school music competition was held on the 31st October, 2013 and believed in catching the young and finest talents in music. The competition was spearheaded by the school music department and was held at the School Auditorium.

Nearly 30 schools participated in both the western and classical category. In order to win each school had to participate in all categories. Each school captivated the audience with their performances but it was Christ Junior College that secured the First Place followed by Bishop Cotton Boys’ in a close second.

Without a doubt the day’s proceedings was a treat to music lovers. It was certainly one of the most electrifying and memorable music competitions that most of us ever witnessed.

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Educational Trip to USA

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”- Jawaharlal Nehru

The midterm examination season had barely culminated when anxiety for the results was mitigated into epitome of excitement for 82 students as they made preparations to visit the United States of America for an educational and recreational excursion. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a five day robotics course at Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando, Florida.

After a long enervating flight of 16 hours from Mumbai we finally reached America where the next morning after a sumptuous breakfast we made our way to one of the momentous places of NASA- Kennedy Space Complex. Having enjoyed the magnificent infrastructure and touring the place, we began our training program.

The first three days focused on building two different types of robotic rovers- the rembot and the lunarbot and programming it with LEGONXT software. The fourth day was the most interesting as we got a chance to explore the various attractions and buildings in the Space centre such as I-Max movie theatres, astronaut encounter, early space, nature and technology, angry birds, rocket garden, robot scouts etc.

EDU Trip to USAWe also had a once in a lifetime opportunity to have lunch and interact with a shuttle astronaut- Mark Lee. His words enthralled us acquainting us with a lot of information about outer space and taking up astronautics as a career option. On the last day each team tested the robot they built on the mock lunar surface. The five day program concluded with an excellent graduation ceremony where each student received certificates and the winning team was awarded. The following three days were filled with ecstasy of fun and zest as we visited the well admired theme parks of Disney Hollywood Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure and Sea World. The students thoroughly cherished and enjoyed the thrilling moments spent in these sanctified amusement parks.

Our next flight was to the most popular palace in the States- New York. We had a ferry tour of the Statue of Liberty in the island of Manhattan. It was fascinating and a wonderful sight. The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States over one hundred years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. It has now become a symbol of USA and a popular tourist spot. We also did a lot of shopping in Times Square and had a marvellous and splendid view of New York from the top of the famous Empire State Building.

We had an amazing time on the second day at New York which was our final day in America. Our interest in history was manifested with the visit to the Museum of Natural History. We also went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which enhanced the joy of our trip as we took photos with world renowned and eminent people we fantasize to meet. We returned to India with emancipated happiness of our Dasara vacation filled with experiences and a sense of gratitude, love and respect towards our esteemed and precious teachers who sacrificed their time for making our trip a remarkable one and took care of us like their own children. It left delightful memories that we can recall as anecdotes of our school life down the timeline.

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The Inter House Debate Competition

It is not he who gains the exact point in dispute or who scores most in controversy but he who has shown the better temper.” – Samuel Butler

The 15th of July marked one of the most significant literacy activities at the house level, The Inter House Debate Competition which was held at both the Senior and ISC levels.

The first session of debate was contested for Senior School, the topic was “Should Death Penalty be Banned”. The participants were all ready to convince the judges by using language as a weapon, when the minutest details of the speaker’s performance came into play that someone was found to be Vishnu Giri of Pettigrew House who won Best Speaker and Pettigrew placing first.

The excitement in the air could be tasted when the seasoned debaters of the ISC Section took center stage and discussed “In today’s world is euthanasia a medicine for the terminally ill. The rebuttal sessions made the debate interesting and entertaining . In the end PushpakKedia and Jonathan B of Std XII and XI were declared the best speakers. Pettigrew House once again placed First.

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Middle and Senior School Prize Day

Harold Taylor once said, “The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.

Middle and Senior School Prize DayOn the 30th of July the hard work that many talented students of the Middle and Senior School had put in the last academic year was given its due recognition on the occasion of the Annual Prize Day. The prize winners portrayed the characteristics of true gentlemen and the parents with their heads held high made their way into the splendid Auditorium.

The evening’s programme started off with the procession of the Principal Prof. John K Zachariah, the Chief Guests Mr. BR Muthu Kumar and Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao and members of the Board of Management . The programme began with the school song led by the choir and the prayer.

The major highlight of the show was the Mime Show by the students of the ISC who depicted three different plays in an unique and special manner. The play ended with the audience breathless from laughing. Cottons has always had a tradition of encouraging young musicians and taking them to a higher level. The school choir amazed the audience with their melodies. The students of Middle and Senior school presented various dance forms as well.

Middle and Senior School Prize Day1The Vice Principal introduced our Chief Guest for the evening Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao who was an ex-Cottonian, in his speech he shared his nostalgic moments in school and inspired the students to dream and that with dedication and perseverance the sky is the limit.

Mr. BR Muthu Kumar emphasized on leadership as an important essence in the lives of the youth. Also, the teachers who completed 25 years of service were appreciated for their tireless efforts.

At last it was time for the main event the prize distribution ceremony. The achievers from classes 6 to 12 were rewarded for their efforts. The special awards were given to those students who performed remarkably well in the ISC and ICSE Examinations.

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Cottonian Model United Nations 2013

“World Peace, Democracy, Integrity. Three words synonymous with the United Nations, This organization founded in 1945 has worked to maintain international peace and security through policies, sanctions and diplomacy.”

Bishop Cottons proudly presented the 2nd Annual Cottonian Model United Nations abbreviate as CO-MUN. The Conference was held for a span of 3 days in the school premises with participants taking on the challenging role of diplomats representing various countries. CO-MUN this year was bigger and better with 6 simulated committees and nearly 400 delegates from 38 schools.Cottonian model united

The opening ceremony was held on the 1st August , 2013 at the school auditorium, the chief guest for the conference was Mr. Rajeev Gowda Professor of economics and social sciences at IIM-B and a congressman. He pointed out the importance to recognize problems across the world and as future leaders focus on change and betterment of society.

The Secretary General for the conference was Ariya Das who was an ex-Cottonian of the 2009 batch. Ariya has a 100 percent win record in Model United Nations and has attended these conferences all over the country. He encouraged and inspired the delegates to Stand up and Speak with courage.

After three days of grueling tact and diplomacy it was Christ Junior College as The Delegation of China were declared The Best Delegation and Bishop Cotton Girls’ School placing as The Honorable Delegation . CO-MUN was a resounding success and it brought the best in the participants and inspired them to involve themselves in issues of world peace and democracy.

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The 31st August 2013, Bishop Cottons’ hosted the city’s biggest Commerce and Economics Fest : Resurgence. Just like the Phoenix rising from its ashes and soaring high, the much awaited Resurgence was one of the most successful and enthralling events in the Cottonian Calendar.

The Grand opening ceremony commenced with the welcome note from our Prinicipal Prof. John K Zachariah followed by the candle lighting ceremony. The students and other guests had the privilege to listen to Dr. Aditya Sondhi an ex-Cottonian and School Captain who emphasized on economic growth and crisis facing the world and inspired the participants to use the events as a stage to bring out their best.

Find X lived up to its name by being the most confusing and grueling of all events, Meltdown tested the participants ability to think and analyze, Innovation required them to create a completely new product and sell it, Bailout as the name suggests was a peek into the actual corporate world of financial losses and turmoil, in IMPEX teams had to trade with the world’s leading economies to make a profit, Fallout the first corporate law event in the country was very intense and Workforce tested the abilities of the participants to think, run, sabotage and emerge._DSC4028

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Founder’s Day & Independence Day

“The memories of the first Independence Day may have faded, but the power of the magical moment must never be forgotten.” –  Shashi Tharoor

Independence Day, a day of celebration and a day of rememberance, was celebrated with a spirit of patriotism on the 14th of August. To mark the celebrations an atmosphere of national pride was created in the Kindergarten block. The colours of the national flag were visible throughout the block, the teachers too dressed in the colours of the national flag.

The boys of the Lower Kindergarten dressed up as our national heroes….Mahatama Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to name a few while the boys of the Upper Kindergarten choir rendered patriotic songs .The children were caught up in the spirit of national unity and pride and they celebrated the day with great patriotic fervor. At the end of the programme each boy was given the national flag to take home….The national flag which is a symbol of the sacrifices made in our struggle for freedom and also a symbol of our promising future._DSC2723

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Teacher’s day Celebrations

Teacher’s Day is a day of gratitude and respect to the selfless efforts of the teachers. Teachers play an important role in the overall development of a child. As always, Teacher’s Day was a memorable event at Cottons. Our boys used the occasion as a wonderful opportunity to show their appreciation for their teachers by putting up a colourful and riveting cultural programme. Teacher's Day

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Prefects Investiture

Enthronement of Student Representatives “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves by their actions and achievements.”

_DSC0178Brimming with talents and success, Cottons has progressed by leaps and bounds through the ages. The prefects and captains have played a major role in this disciplined progress. It the dream of every Cottonian to be a prefect of this prestigious institution.

The few prefects chosen by the teachers are recognised for their academic performance, exceptional leadership skills, discipline and involvement in extra and co- curricular activities. On the 15th of June 2013 nearly 120 students from classes 10 and 12 were vested with authority on the solemn occasion of Prefects Investiture Ceremony held at Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton auditorium.

The program was triggered by the grand entry and procession of the chief guest, principal and prefects lead by School captain designate Paaras Belandor.

_DSC0146After the invoking God’s blessing we had the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and  introduction of chief guest and guests of honour and welcome speech; the principal the administered the oath of office to the school captain followed by the head of day’s scholars and head of boarders Arihant R and Nikhil Varghese respectively.

The newly appointed school captain in turn administered the oath of office to the senior and junior prefects. The leaders with God’s help pledged their loyalty to Bishop Cotton Boys School and to work with fellow prefects in a sense of cooperation and with sincerity.

Each of them was presented with a prefect’s tie, prefect’s badge and a certificate of prefectship and signed their name in more than a century old prefect record book etching their names in school history.

_DSC0034The School choir manifested the program with the rendition of the school song and other beautiful hymns. The words of the chief guest, Dr.Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman Columbia Asia enthralled the audience and inspired the leaders of tomorrow to make a change for the betterment of the society.

The ceremony culminated with the recession of the principal, chief guest followed by the prefects led by the School Captain. The Prefects Investiture 2013 enhanced the confidence of the school prefect body and emancipated in them a spirit to take up new challenges. It filled the parents with pride and motivated the fellow students leaving a delightful memory to cherish.

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