“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”-George Bernard Shaw

lego3Playtime is a very important part of a child’s developmental activities allowing room for creativity, discovery and exploration. At Cottons we have introduced Lego toys for the students of the Kindergarten.

Lego’s unique interlocking system is an exciting way for children to learn about construction and design. It is a great tactile toy which allows children to develop muscles in the fingers and hands.

Playtime is often seen as a ‘waste of time’; when in reality young children learn best while playing. Having access to simple building toys allows them to put into practice their early cognitive skills of recognition, creativity, and hand-eye movements.

Lego time is a time of great excitement and joy for the tiny-tots. The pleasure on the faces of the boys as they open their boxes to play is something that we deeply treasure here at Cottons.

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Thanks Giving Services

_DSC3961The Thanksgiving Service was held for the staff and outgoing students on 27th January 2014 at St. Mark’s Cathedral.

The solemn occasion was held as per tradition as a precursor to the Graduation Day. The service which focuses on thanking the almighty for the blessings of the past year was conducted by Rev. Dr. Moses Jayakumar, Vice-Chairman, Board of Management.

The outgoing staff participated in the lighting of the lamp to marble the beginning of the service. The Vice-Principal and the Principal read the bible verses, with Principal Prof. John Zachariah reading from the Gospel.

Rev. Jayakumar, speaking on the occasion presented to the congregation the importance of change in our lives and he also emphasized the presence of God as a guiding light for the people in a time of transition.

Paaras Belandor, the outgoing School Captain and Arihant S., Head of Day Scholars led the congregation in prayer while Mrs. Veronica C prayed for the outgoing students. The choir present on the day, sang in melody the trifold ‘Amen’ as the service reached its close.

The staff and students shared tea bringing to close an afternoon of spiritual and reflective thoughts.

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Kindergarten Art & Craft


“Imagination is everything, It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

_DSC4537‘Teeny Weeny Craft World’ was this year’s annual Kindergarten craft exhibition, which was inaugurated by our beloved Principal Professor John Zachariah. The exhibition was a colourful, enchanting visual extravaganza.

Craft is an important medium of instruction for children, known to bring out the creativity in young minds and help develop fine motor skills.

The Kindergarten hall was transformed into an exciting imaginative world where plastic bottles were converted into colourful scarecrows, compact discs into beautiful fishes and rabbits, paper cups into gorgeous flowers and paper plates into charming caterpillars. It was an endless sea of creativity.

The exhibition was a grand success with the parents appreciating the creative freedom given to the boys and the hard work put in by the teachers.

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Kindergarten Christmas Day

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful” – Norman Vincent Peale

_DSC0890Christmas is a magical time at Cottons. Excitement reverberated in the air as the festival of joy and giving was celebrated with great festive spirit. Great effort was taken to decorate the Kindergarten block in red, snow white and pine-green streamers and balloons. The well decorated Christmas tree was a huge attraction for the children.

The children came dressed in their party attire to celebrate the season with their friends. The boys of the Lower Kindergarten enacted the Nativity Scene depicting the birth of Christ. A pleasant and happy atmosphere was created with the singing of Christmas Carols and party songs. Their joy and excitement knew no bounds when Santa Claus made a grand entry, bringing each one a special gift and a bag of goodies.

Through fun and celebration the very important message of peace, hope, love and joy was shared with the children.

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Kindergarten Colour Day 2017

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

A little splash of colour can brighten up the day and when it’s Colour Day in the Kindergarten Block, the day is truly kaleidoscopic.

This year Colour Day was celebrated in two phases – one when the boys dipped their tiny palms in a tray of paints and made hand impressions on the front of their very own personalized aprons and the second when they splashed with gay abandon on the lawns of the block using various colours of paint and a sponge cut-out.

Colour Day gives us the opportunity to take the boys into a magical world where colours come alive. Each colour so unique and special in making the world we live in so beautiful – Just like each little boy in our care, unique and so very special.

Fellowship Lunch


fellowship_lunchIt is not only lessons that matter but the ideals of humanity, compassion and caring and kindness to be true in spirit. To invest these qualities amongst our students and to share the Christmas Cheer with underprivileged Bishop Cottons’ organized the Fellowship Lunch one such event without which our calendar year remains incomplete.

On the 15th December,2013 the office bearers, prefects and the NSS visited various homes for the needy and various other institutions that take care of the less fortunate people.

The interaction that followed was a memorable experience for all, seeing the children full of joy, the elderly youthful in spirit and the disabled so complete in determination kindles a light of hope in our hearts.

As we returned, we contemplated the events of the past few hours, our determination to make this world a better place to live in was stronger than ever.

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SUPW programme for ISC students

dlAttach (1)The students of ISC had the opportunity to visit a vocational training centre in Tumkur where they were acquainted with activities like furniture making, metal filing, welding, circuitry, carpentry. We visited a farm which was under the CSI and got to see vegetables fresh in their fullest bloom. Also we got to help in farm activities and basic maintenance.

This was an eye opener as far as the students were concerned as they got to familiarize themselves with techniques. The day witnessed much fun and frolic amidst the immense knowledge and first hand experience gained on ground zero. Some of the students went to Gangasandra School and visited Kolar School and spent quality time with students.

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_DSC7539This year’s edition of the prodigious Science and IT festival Synchronize was a master stroke. This two day fest held on the 25th and 26th of October 2013 saw participation of students from various schools and colleges in the city.

This epic fest was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. P. Vijay Kumar, a proud old Cottonianwho is a Tata chemical Chair Professor as well as the Chairman of the ECE Department of Indian Institute of Science.

It comprised of 13 colossal events – Blogger, Clash of The Titans, Spark, Quest, Bloodwork, Gadget Garage, Spectra, Technocrat, Event X, Dexterity, Anonymous, Quad Damage PC and Quad Damage Console.

The 2 new events which were introduced in this year’s edition were Dexterity and Anonymous which were also a major coup.A history reigning 5 years of adroit reputation, Synchronize 2013 – ‘POWEREDBYSCIENCE AND DRIVEN BY IT’, in her sixth year ceased with a crescendo of National Public School, Indiranagar being unvanquished.

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St. Peter’s Day

St. Peter’s day has always been one of the most sanctimonious events at Cottons. It is where the entire school community joins together in uplifting the name of God and the Holy Spirit. This year the message was delivered by Rev. Roger Gaikwad who spoke about peculium and it’s relevance in the World.

Inauguration of New Block on St Peters Day

Inaugration_New_BlockOn Saturday, June 29, 2012, our school paid homage to our longest serving principal, Canon William Elphick, by inaugurating the Canon Elphick Memorial Centre. The building will serve as an academic block for the students of class 12.

The inauguration, aptly held on St. Peter’s day, was graced by the presence of Governor HR Bharadwaj, as chief guest, Gerry Arathoon, CEO and Secretary of the ICSE board, and Dr. Roger Gayakwad, Chief Secretary, National Church Committee. The event began with a short address from Principal John Zachariah, who described the contribution of Canon Elphick to the school.

Inaugration_New_Block2This was followed by a speech from Governor HR Bharadwaj. Speaking on the closure of a number of reputed schools across India, he expressed his dismay at the rarity of quality education these days. He went on to say that Karnataka had always been a beacon of excellence with regard to education and hoped that many more quality schools would come up in the state.

The principal and dignitaries soon walked towards the entrance of the Canon Elphick Memorial Centre, where Governor HR Bharadwaj cut the ribbon to inaugurate the building, adding another gem to the school’s impressive infrastructure.

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A Report on Association of Christian Teachers

Association of christian teachersThe Association of Christian Teacher’s annual conference was hosted by Clarence High School on the 3rd of August 2013 at 9.30 a.m.

Mr. Jacob Isaac brought a soul stirring message of positivity which inspired and revived every member. Our teaching Staff who retired from our institution were honored for their excellent service in molding the students. Mrs. Mary Pushpalatha , Ms . Beella Varghese and Ms. Deva Kiruba were a motherly figure to our students.

A minute silence was observed as a mark of respect for our staff who entered into glory Lt. Mr .Jacob , Lt. Mr. Paul Wagner and Ms. Jayanthi Srinivasalu.

On the whole it was a wonderful concept of the Annual conference of A. C . T which brought all the teachers under one roof to equip themselves spiritually & to be more effective in their work to face any challenges.

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