Message from the Principal

Principal 50 years ago, on December the 5th, 1965, the then President of India, Dr. S Radhakrishnan graced the Bishop Cotton campus with his presence on the occasion of the Centenary celebrations of our great institution.
In his speech that day he applauded the unique contribution made by Cottons’ to the nation’s progress through education: “You have been educating boys and girls for nearly a hundred years when education was not widespread in our country.  It is a great thing you have done and the Nation owes its gratitude to you”.  Dr. Radhakrishnan then went on to say that he had met a few brave Cottonians who were serving as military officers on the frontlines of battle, placing their own lives at risk for the sake of the nation.  He concluded with words of great warmth and optimism, so encouraging to hear in a year of national crisis: “I wish this institution success and I wish it prosperity in the next century”.
In this wonderful year of our Sesquicentennial, we not only recalled those encouraging words but got a new boost for the next leg of our journey from no less a great son of India, our beloved former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He touched us with his magical presence and his powerful words of inspiration at the opening Ceremony of the Sesquicentennial on June 29th 2014.
Since his visit, we crossed some truly memorable milestones in the course of the academic year.  These premises witnessed myriad scenes of laughter and tears, nostalgia and hope, as well as the sounds of thundering orations from some of the most distinguished personalities of our times.  Through it all, we have been ennobled and enriched as the aura of the special year swept over the vast family of Cottonians worldwide.  My grateful thanks to the Most Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam, Moderator, Church of South India, the Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel, Bishop Karnataka Central Diocese and to the members of the Boards of Management for their invaluable guidance, overwhelming support and prayers which made the year what it was.
I am confident enough to echo Robert Browning’s sentiment when he wrote, “the best is yet to be” in his immortal poem, ‘Rabbi Ben Ezra’. So let us with joyful hearts look to the immediate future and take delight in the rest of the Sesquicentennial events that are lined up.
May the Eternal One continue to lead Bishop Cotton as it journeys on.
Nec Dextrorsum – Nec Sinistrorsum.

Prof. John K Zachariah