The 31st August 2013, Bishop Cottons’ hosted the city’s biggest Commerce and Economics Fest : Resurgence. Just like the Phoenix rising from its ashes and soaring high, the much awaited Resurgence was one of the most successful and enthralling events in the Cottonian Calendar.

The Grand opening ceremony commenced with the welcome note from our Prinicipal Prof. John K Zachariah followed by the candle lighting ceremony. The students and other guests had the privilege to listen to Dr. Aditya Sondhi an ex-Cottonian and School Captain who emphasized on economic growth and crisis facing the world and inspired the participants to use the events as a stage to bring out their best.

Find X lived up to its name by being the most confusing and grueling of all events, Meltdown tested the participants ability to think and analyze, Innovation required them to create a completely new product and sell it, Bailout as the name suggests was a peek into the actual corporate world of financial losses and turmoil, in IMPEX teams had to trade with the world’s leading economies to make a profit, Fallout the first corporate law event in the country was very intense and Workforce tested the abilities of the participants to think, run, sabotage and emerge._DSC4028

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