The Inter House Debate Competition

It is not he who gains the exact point in dispute or who scores most in controversy but he who has shown the better temper.” – Samuel Butler

The 15th of July marked one of the most significant literacy activities at the house level, The Inter House Debate Competition which was held at both the Senior and ISC levels.

The first session of debate was contested for Senior School, the topic was “Should Death Penalty be Banned”. The participants were all ready to convince the judges by using language as a weapon, when the minutest details of the speaker’s performance came into play that someone was found to be Vishnu Giri of Pettigrew House who won Best Speaker and Pettigrew placing first.

The excitement in the air could be tasted when the seasoned debaters of the ISC Section took center stage and discussed “In today’s world is euthanasia a medicine for the terminally ill. The rebuttal sessions made the debate interesting and entertaining . In the end PushpakKedia and Jonathan B of Std XII and XI were declared the best speakers. Pettigrew House once again placed First.

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