Kindergarten Sports Day 2018

Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports”.   Kapil Dev

The Kindergarten Sports Day is an exceptionally entertaining and colourful experience! The 31st Annual Kindergarten Sports Meet was held on the 8th of December and the prestigious First Eleven Field of the school was invaded by majestic penguins, soaring kites, exotic Hawaiian dancers, jolly Santas, buzzing bees and playful sea animals, to name a few of the participants of the inter class novelty races.

Sports, a great leveller, teaches our students the true spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, team spirit and grace in both, victory and defeat. Excising the body helps free the mind and with acute concentration , sweaty foreheads and eyes firmly glued to the finishing line, our littlest Cottonians gave it their all as they vied for a prize winning spot on the podium, proudly egged on by their enthusiastic grandparents, parents and siblings, their loud cheering reverberating through the historic school grounds.

The students of the Lower Kindergarten dressed up as the sport meet mascots, representing the festive Christmas season. Dignitaries and parents were welcomed by the boys of the Upper Kindergarten, dressed up as jolly little Santas, cheering the upcoming holiday season. Well-coordinated mass drills by the Lower Kindergarten saw the students paying tribute to tennis greats in their drill titled ‘Tennis Menace’ while the students of the Upper Kindergarten paid tribute to the greatest Formula 1 champion of all time, Michael Schumacher with their drill titled ‘The Cottonian Grand Prix’. Ten boys from the Upper Kindergarten brought the school track alive as they raced with each other in their battery operated, motorised, colourful toy cars.

Another enthralling and scintillating Sports Day was brought to an emotional end when the school flag was lowered in a poignant closing ceremony and the flag handed over to the school Sports Director, Mr. Anil Dutt for safe keeping till next year.

Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum.

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