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Pin Up Casino Aviator Game Review

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  1. ⚡ Advantages of the Aviator pin up game
  2. ✅ Strategy for the Aviator game
Pin Up Casino Aviator Game Review

The Pin-up website features the Spribe Aviator game. This multi-player slot machine was released in 2019. According to the founders, they were among the first to design a groundbreaking product for a new generation with higher quality requirements. To explain the gameplay as simply as possible, an airplane, a control panel, and statistics appear. You must place a bet and collect the money before the airplane takes off.

What can a gambler gain in this distinctive virtual entertainment? The thrill of winning money goes hand in hand with actual chances to win. Despite the simplicity of the Pin up aviator game, you must be patient to win, and clever users create their winning strategies and techniques.

The pinup aviator money game is one of the fastest growing casino games, because of it’s simplicity and high multipliers. The Aviator pinup game has come to win the hearts of players who don’t want to waste much time learning technical casino games and just want to go straight to wagering and winning money. 

📝 Name Aviator 
🔔 RTP (Return to Play) 97%
🔶 Volatility Low/Medium 
💣 Game type Crash 
🔽 Minimum Bet $0.10 
🔼 Maximum Bet $100 
✅ Play for Free Yes
📞 Support 24/7

Advantages of the Aviator pin up game

To experience all the benefits, you must first know how to play pin up aviator betting game. As said, the whole procedure is based on the flight of an airplane over the screen while the curve evolves, which impacts the multiplier coefficient. The longer the game’s “primary character” flies, the more victorious the winnings. For example, you bet a particular sum and decided to withdraw it when the coefficient was 2.00. Congratulations, the original bet returned double. It’s necessary to click “Cash out” before the plane leaves else you’ll lose all your wager on the aviator pin up casino game.

The aviator pin up casino’s non-standard gameplay is its key advantage, and the interest lasts throughout the full flight, which can end at 100x or 1000x. Pin up casino aviator’s great odds of winning money make it one of the most profitable games.

Another plus of the Aviator pin-up game is that users don’t sit alone. This is multiplayer fun with a special chat where you can enhance your social skills. Here, an experienced player can advise “green” winning techniques. This is done without malicious purpose because there is no more rivalry between users, as in poker. Everyone makes their bets and can withdraw at any time, regardless of the others at the table.

Aviator pin up aka aviator game slot machine from Spribe meets all modern standards; thus, the game has the following features: sound adjustment, music adjustment, animation on or off, bonus betas, provably fair settings, game regulations, your bets, and game restrictions!

Plus, the supplier keeps statistics that everyone may see. To achieve this, glance at the window at the top of the screen where the winning coefficients of the last 15 rounds are revealed.

Strategy for the Aviator game

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Aviator pin-up casino game allows enthusiasts to design their winning strategies. Everyone can come up with a recipe for winning, but here are some proven ones.

  • When playing aviator casino game, if you don’t want to wait and need to make money faster, make a bet in a limited minimum range. We recommend taking from 1.1 to 1.4 coefficients. As experience demonstrates, the airplane often completes the route on these segments.
  • More experienced gamblers adopt the second technique. Go to statistics and betting history and discover the last 100+ coefficient. You must add 1 hour to that result and place two bets simultaneously. The first should have a coefficient of 3.5-4.0, and the second 100. The reasoning is simple. The simulator is a sequential action of algorithms, and the astonishing coefficient of 100 falls once for 1-1.5 hours. Perhaps your mathematical expectation will yield a financial bonus.
  • Another mathematical technique. You can bet 1 percent of your current balance, and you should wait until the plane hits 1.5, then click “Cash out.” If you lose, your next bet should be double the amount you lost.
  • During the aviator pinup game session, the last secret is to wait until the series with coefficients 1.0–1.8 is repeated ten times in a row. After that, you must make two bets with the same amount and close in the range of 5-15.

No one can guarantee a good result online, even the most successful technique. On a bad day, you can listen to the engine all day and depart with a minus, and the next day only one wager is enough for the jackpot. You can play other slots presented at the Pin up casino if you don’t like Pinup Aviator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Aviator?

Open the Aviator machine. At the bottom of the screen select the bet. You can also specify the multiplier for the automatic Cash Out from the game. Wait for the appropriate multiplier. Click on the Cashout button.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet in Aviator is 0.1 USD or 10 INR. The exact value will depend on the currency you choose for your casino account.

Are there any bonuses in Aviator?

Aviator itself does not offer any bonuses. But you can take advantage of promotions from the casino. This way you can play for real money from the company.

Are there any winning strategies?

Yes, there are special tactics. You can use any strategy you can find. The main thing is to choose a tactic that has already been tested by time.