“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”-George Bernard Shaw

lego3Playtime is a very important part of a child’s developmental activities allowing room for creativity, discovery and exploration. At Cottons we have introduced Lego toys for the students of the Kindergarten.

Lego’s unique interlocking system is an exciting way for children to learn about construction and design. It is a great tactile toy which allows children to develop muscles in the fingers and hands.

Playtime is often seen as a ‘waste of time’; when in reality young children learn best while playing. Having access to simple building toys allows them to put into practice their early cognitive skills of recognition, creativity, and hand-eye movements.

Lego time is a time of great excitement and joy for the tiny-tots. The pleasure on the faces of the boys as they open their boxes to play is something that we deeply treasure here at Cottons.

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