FAPS and Bethany 28th August 2013

Congratulations to our school athletic team for securing the following medals in the inter school athletic meet organized by Bethany high schooland Frank Anthony Public school on 28th-30th of August 2013 at Bangalore Winners as follows:

5th standard team won the Gold medal in Frank Anthony Public School and Silver Medal in Bethany High School Team as follows:

1. Harman Singh Walia 5 B 2. Daniel Mathew 5 B 3. Rishab M 5 H 4. Lovely Leon 5 E

10th standard team won the Silver medal and team as follows:

1. Shervil Adappa 10 G 2. David K R 10 H 3. Uma Shankar S R 10 A 4. Mehul Poddar 10 F

7th standard team won the Silver Medal and Team as follows:

1. Nihal Chengappa P A 7 G 2. Dhanush D 6 A 3. Varun Kumar R 6B 4. Tejas P 7 D

Once again to the Athletic team and the school Athletic coach Mr. Devaraj

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