Synchronize 2017

On the 7th and 8th of November, Bishop Cottons held their Science Fest, Synchronize. This year, the school went international, inviting dignitaries from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Dr. Robert Fury and Mr. Firestone both gave guest lectures at the event and had glowing comments about the school and their heritage. Mrs. Preetha Ram, the Chief Guest for the day inspired the students with her speech about technology and entrepreneurship. With 18 events covering a variety of fields, the Fest was truly Powered by Science and Driven by IT  Some of the Most notable events were Bloodwork, the forensic Criminology based event, Cryptonite, the Cryptography based event and Clash of the titans, the debate and Moot Court event. The final prize was awarded to Christ Junior College who managed to secure a placement in almost every event.