Educational Trip to Infosys

On Thursday, the 15th of February, approximately 50 students from class 11 and class 8 attended an educational field trip to the Infosys headquarters at Electronic City. Infosys, known for encouraging young students, organized a seminar on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and creative computing to introduce the students to these modern concepts in the field of IT.

The seminars were highly interactive and it was an extremely enriching experience for the students. The session on creative computing had hands on demos which the students were allowed to use.

The lectures informed the students about cutting edge technology currently being developed and left them pondering on its possible real world applications.

The seminar had distinct focus on technology being used creatively to solve real world issues. This was especially relevant for the holistic development of the students considering the fact that the education they receive is often more theoretical than practical.

The trip was organized by the Computer Science Department in coordination with the team at Infosys. It was extremely well organized and it went off without a hitch.

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