Sport Is A Preserver Of Health – Hippocrates

Sports is an integral part of every student’s life at Cottons. Sports Day was a splendid occasion for them to showcase their speed and agility on the field.

In a tradition reminiscent of the Olympic spirit of sportsmanship, the Kindergarten Sports Day started with a brilliant torch lighting ceremony. The mascots were the boys of the Lower Kindergarten who represented children from across the globe, bringing us the message of universal brotherhood and how children across the globe could be an instrument of change.

Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar was honoured by the tiny-tots of the school as they dedicated their welcome drill to him, ‘THE MASTER BLASTER’. The ‘HAPPY KITES’ drill by the boys of the Lower Kindergarten was a dazzling display that saw the field being transformed into an astonishingly colourful playground. ‘FUN N FROLIC was the brilliant drill put up by the boys of the Upper Kindergarten.

The Chief Guests Mrs. Pramila Aiyappa and Mrs. Nitya Sosale along with the Guests of Honour Mr. Renya Kikuchi and Dr. Vivek Pannalkar had a captivating afternoon watching the boys take participate with great enthusiasm and exuberance.