“For most students who are day-scholars, cottons is a home away from home, a place where they are equipped to face life’s challenges. The opportunities available in our school are plenty and brings together many like minded students. ”

Day Scholars1 “Overflowing with talent is the phrase” which I feel is apt in describing Bishop Cottons. I had the privilege of experiencing firsthand the enormous potential and the awe inspiring talent that each and every Cottonian has and it made me think. I have come to believe that there can be only two possibilities: either only talented students are admitted into Cottons or Cottons is a “factory” that manufactures talented students.

I think that the latter is much more likely than the former and the factory analogy is a good way to understand what Bishop Cottons is. We come in as raw materials and at each stage our teachers mould a different aspect of our personality; constantly polishing and improving us. But the factory analogy seems to imply that students are mass produced, which is not true. It is more like a number of artists working on a masterpiece and, in the end, a unique and extraordinary individual is produced. I feel that the secret recipe of this factory has been unchanged in its 149 years.

Day ScholarsIt would be unfair if I mention the names of only a few of my teachers as the cause of my success, since each and every teacher without an exception has taught me one valuable lesson or other. Lessons which go beyond the classroom, Lessons that I will cherish forever, Lessons which made me who I am. I have to admit that getting this post changed me. I had huge shoes to step into and fill out, high bars of expectations to reach and this made me change and I became a better person and I grew in experience. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I got the exposure that I needed.

“The great aim of Education is not Knowledge but Action” is my most favorite quote on education. And I believe that Bishop Cottons gives us such a complete education that we have the courage to stand up against injustice and the knowledge to know what is right and what is wrong so that we do not just think but convert our thoughts into action.