Boarding Sports LeagueThe one thing that the boarders are meant to dominate in this school is the field of sports. Be it indoor, outdoor, or even in the water, our presence is definitely felt.

The training for this excellence in sports is nurtured through the boarding sports leagues. Talent is easily identified as all boarders take part in one sport or the other. The boarding sports leagues are organized by the seniors of class twelve. The games played range from basketball and football to the all popular cricket. When it comes to indoor sports, a table tennis tournament is organized intra boarding level.

All boarders will participate in one or more sports of their choice and teams are divided. Almost a week’s time is given after formation of teams to strategize and practice as a team. As of now, the basketball league and the Independence Cup football tournament have concluded.

Boarders Premier LeagueThe finals of both the leagues were graced with presence of our very own boarding coordinator, Mr. Christopher Thambi Dorai. In a close fought final of the Independence Cup, the Red Devils lead by Arhum Bothra emerged the champions beating Predators to a 2-1 victory.

While the basketball finals was clearly dominated by the B-Dunkers throughout the league, the finals saw the Man-eaters lead By Mogga Manohar giving a good fight, but the result was inevitable and Dipanshu’s B-Dunkers emerged victorious. The Table Tennis tournament for the boarding was an individual competition, the finals being fought between Tahreem Ahmed Khan and Vedant Singhania. The latter emerged victorious in the tournament.

The boarding leagues are the perfect example of a boarders desire to excel in all sports possible. The tradition will be well continued for the future Cottonian generations to come.