Mobile version of the Pin Up casino for smartphones

The Pin Up club administration offers a separate version of the site for smartphones. It is a responsive web platform that runs on both phones of recent years and outdated gadgets. In Pin Up Casino, the mobile version also works on tablet computers and gives players additional advantages when playing for real money. 

How to use the mobile version of Pin Up casino?

To authorize on the club’s website, a gambler will need a smartphone with Internet access and a mobile browser. Visitors of this site can do it in two ways:

  • Use a standard web browser to log in. Modern versions of Safari for iPhone and Google for Android support the launch of slot machines with special effects, visualization, animations and flash graphics. Casino clients will be able to enter a slot machine or a roulette simulator with one touch.
  • Download a commercial browser. This category includes both paid and free programs from other developers. The advantage of third-party software is that a VPN plugin is already built into the application. This automatically solves the blocking problem.

To start playing in the mobile version of Pin Up casino, you need to do the following:

  • Find a working website. When creating mirrors, the Pin Up operator retains an adaptive structure. Therefore, each player needs to click on the link of the working domain and wait for an interface to load.
  • Enter your username and password. It is easier to log in from the phone by using social networks, not through email or a mobile number. Subsequently, each player only needs to click on the site icon in the favorites and immediately go to his account.
  • Make a deposit and choose a slot machine. Sections are tiled. Each catalog can be scrolled with one finger. One click is enough to deposit funds. The easiest way is to top up your balance from the bank’s mobile application from the same phone. 

Five advantages of the mobile version of the Pin Up club

In a mobile browser, each gambler can return to the casino website’s full version. A mobile interface was developed for this reason. This is a web platform configuration focused on the comfortable playing of video slots, roulette simulators, and games with live dealers. This is confirmed by the following:

  • The gaming machine expands to full screen. When launching a video slot, a gambler does not have to move the screen with his fingers and look for an emulator launch button. The machine screen fits compactly on the display and does not go beyond gadget boundaries.
  • Slots are launched in a light version. All games in Pin Up Casino are developed on an HTML5 basis. Technology is different in that it makes applications lightweight. The simulator does not load the browser, which does not crash or restart when playing for real money.
  • Button fonts and sizes have been optimized. Each user does not have to peer into the names of the small blocks. In addition, online slots appear on the market today, where each zone of the playing field can be increased using a virtual magnifying glass.
  • Pop-ups do not interfere with the gameplay. A Pin Up site is protected from third-party advertisements and spam. Each gambler will not get to the phishing site, due to which the page with the jackpot drawing will disappear.
  • Reels are started to spin in one touch. The Internet club visitor can do this on the subway, in the car, at work, while walking or jogging, at a bar, or lying on the couch. 

Which gadget to choose to play Pin Up?

It all depends on the user’s wishes and preferences. Previously, the administration recommends you study the set of games in the standard PC site’s version. The emulator showcase includes hundreds of items. 

Among the classic devices of the latest generation, there are unusual ones: 

  • Outdated flash games. These are popular slots from Novomatic and Microgaming that appeared back in the mid-2000s. Safari browser for iPhones does not support some of these applications. For fans of the classics, the Apple technique will not work.
  • Devices with three-dimensional graphics. A separate category in the club’s catalog is occupied by games with visualization. These are simulators with special effects, lots of details. Not every cheap Android smartphone can handle such a load. Games will either not run or start to slow down and crash.
  • Games without a mobile interface. Some older slot machines do not run on the phone screen. These slots are rarely in demand and often go unnoticed by visitors.

The most convenient way to play Pin Up slots is using a tablet computer. Even a basic iPad or Samsung is suitable for such purposes. The budget versions of tablets already have a powerful processor and enough RAM.

Another advantage is the battery with sufficient capacity. You can spin reels for hours and not worry that the battery will run out or someone will interrupt the game session with a phone call. This is a great option for a getaway while traveling or on long commutes.

It is easier to play on iPads with the latest version of iPadOS. The screen is divided into two parts. One opens a slot machine and the other unlock background information or data on the game strategy from a forum or a thematic site. Without unnecessary movements and transitions, each gambler tests tactical solutions and evaluates the slot’s volatility, as well as his chances of winning.