Login to the Pin Up casino: player's account

To enter the Pin Up casino, a gambler needs to create an account. Authorization problems are predictable. The websites of gambling establishments often become victims of hacker attacks. The club administration solves these issues in advance and comprehensively helps visitors who cannot get into their accounts. 

Login to the Pin Up casino via a page in the social network

Everyone can forget the password and even the login. When trying to authorize, a club interface gives an error. Not to suffer and not face these problems, this establishment operator offers to enter the Pin Up Casino via social media accounts. 

The club’s website supports the following projects:

  • Facebook. The linking is carried out in one click. User’s activity in this casino is not advertised in any way on a site. Inside Facebook, the dissemination of gambling information is prohibited, but linking a Pin Up does not violate these conditions in any way.
  • Google services. The Pin Up operator works with all search engine services.

The specifics of gambling, stereotypes are misleading for many newcomers. Gamblers believe that their “forbidden” hobby will become public knowledge. The club’s administration is ready to dispel these doubts:

  • An account linking is not published in a feed of friends or private messages. This is a completely anonymous operation.
  • The Pin Up development team does not meddle in users’ privacy. Moderators do not read correspondence, do not look at closed photo albums.
  • The administration of a social network does not find out that each user is fond of slot machines and roulette. Linking is a software process, data about which is not shared with third parties. 

Authorization problems: what to do

First, you need to determine what led to the blocking. It cannot be ruled out that it is not possible to get into the Pin Up personal account for the following reasons:

  • Wrong data. A gambler could indicate a mobile number with an error. This club belongs to a small number of those where you can use your phone as a login.
  • Password error. The best protection is a password with an unpredictable set of letters of different cases. It is not so easy to enter a combination of 10-20 characters from a smartphone the first time.
  • Fake site. Probably, a gambler got to the fake online club mirror, where, instead of authorization, it is proposed to register again.

Another reason for problems with entering Pin Up is a violation of the online casino conditions. It is not in vain that the operator suggests that you familiarize yourself with the user agreement before clicking on the registration button. Beginners overlook a few points:

  • Creation of two or more profiles. The establishment staff makes sure that visitors do not play from more than one account. This opens up another opportunity for each player to receive a no deposit bonus and take advantage of the welcome package. The rest of the clients who follow the rules of fair play find themselves in a losing position.
  • Indication of someone else’s data. This is what underage players face. Only those who have reached the age of 18 and have confirmed this through the transfer of passport scans can use the services of Pin Up. You will not be able to get a prize without this.
  • Hacking attempt. There are no programs that help break the random number generator of a slot machine. In the Pin Up club, visitors are offered a showcase with branded slots, which means that neither the clients nor the operators of the establishment have access to the RNG. 

How to enter the Pin Up club in one click?

For regular visitors, the constant entry of a username and password is a long and stressful procedure. You can solve this issue using browser settings. These are available both for programs on a PC and for options for smartphones and tablets.

  • You need to log in to the Pin Up casino once. After that, you can save the password in cache (browser or phone). Next, you should put your favorites on the page of your account or a showcase of selected slots.
  • A link icon does not need to be kept inside the browser. Both on iPhones and Android, it can be displayed on the desktop main screen. The same goes for laptops.